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What is Ani-Mayhem? A new card game for those who like Anime and/or playable card games. Here is a quote from the back of a starter deck.

"The world is collapsing""Ha! Supreme card-player -- go now! Super Anime card game destroys existence. Strike quickly!""No, Supreme, don't go! Its far too dangerous!" "Ha! I will go. But first a quick haiku!: All is Paperboard/Chaos encroaches, but I/Shuffle and prevail, The Aniverse has gone to pieces! Plunge teams of Anime characters. in a mad dash for valuable items scattered in the upheaval. The hunt is made Disasters from rampaging robots to a friendly but firm traffic cop. Over come these and other players (although some Disasters may even force you to team up with your erstwhile enemies...if only for the moment.)
Set 0 features cards based on 4 cool Animes, Bubblesgum Crisis, El Hazard, Ranma 1/2, and Tenchi Muyo!.
The general object of the game is to collect items and before the disasters take them all. Simple? Well, some say too simple, other say not simple, and already, FAN rules are out on the net!! I'm sure if you haven't published it into a file yet, you still have changed the rules somewhat. Well share it with the world, here! Want to try something different, here is the place to exchange, give and take, different rules.
If you want to submit a set of new rules, please e-mail it to me at you can also send mail if you have questions, suggestions, requests, etc.
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